Writing for a Positive Future

This is the blog of Nônen Tíi, author of fiction and non-fiction. I will be writing posts in different categories, according to topic and these posts will have a distinctly different tone and person.

1. Conversations with my Muse are posts that relate directly to my fiction books. The topics discussed will be those that deal with the decisions or personalities of the characters and what inspired me to write the book. In some cases these topics are ethical or political in nature and I will be open to other points of view.

2. Lectures in an Empty Classroom are opinion pieces that have a philosophical or scientific topic. The posts will either express my view or open up a discussion. I hope to get lots of input.

3. Títi Type Support is directly related to my non-fiction books and aims to discuss and advice on personality type related issues, or I may post a tip sheet with advice from the books.

4. Guest Q & A posts. I hope to be able to invite guest writers or experts on other topics so as to share their views.

I aim to post once a week on Friday, New Zealand time. I will be open to comments at any time. For more information about my books, please visit www.nonentiti.com


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