Lie or Die

It is a sad truth that our society hangs together from a web of lies. We all know that politicians lie to get their position and lie about the decisions they make… and we accept this or we would get rid of the system. We all know that the military lies about what they do in just about everything… and we accept this or we would not have soldiers (and thus no wars). And we all know that advertisers lie (or at the very least exaggerate) what they are promoting…

The other day I saw an article based on a survey that concluded that about seventy percent of purchases turn out to be bad ones. And we all know that, especially with the internet, people are pushed to buy on impulse; quick deals, immediate promises, and at the push of a button. It is a combination of ‘false’ promises and quick decision making that leads to such bad purchases. We all know that quality and popularity are not related in today’s market; any cheap rubbish can become popular with good advertising skills. And we all know that most people want to have what their neighbours have, whether they need it or not. But not every person can afford to hire good advertisers, and therefore their products cannot compete, and therefore, the big reasons for this high number of unsatisfied customers is that not every person is by nature a marketer and not everybody is inclined to exaggerate their product.

People who do not understand personality types often dismiss the above ‘complaint’ by saying that you could learn to be a marketer or make a better product, or even that the right thing to do is to create what people want, regardless of the quality, because “quality” is decided by the majority.

Of course, that is not true. If all people had the same basic psychology and if differences only came from learning or experience, we would have long had a society of clones. People are born with a different personality and they cannot change that. That means that some people are good at creating quality products of one kind; others are good at creating quality products of another kind, and others are good at advertising. It also means that some people believe that the majority wishes are always right and others believe that the majority merely imposes their wishes. But if we always went with the majority, we would never have progress.

Basically, for small creators (like me being a writer), it means that the only way to compete in the market, to have a chance of having your product out there, is to lie. Despite all their moral slogans, our society rewards lying; the bigger the lie, the better your chances. Not only that, but we live in a “me” society, where most consumers want immediate personal satisfaction that is directed at their own person. I learned that the hard way. Being not a natural marketer, I titled my books with an original title with regard the contents and addressing the bigger picture, but it didn’t immediately promise the reader a personal lolly and so it is simply not picked up. Countless books promise the readers immediate results, solutions, healing, wonders, self-knowledge and everything else and those books sell… and are bound to become one of those bad purchases for some readers, because if people are not all clones of each other, you cannot satisfy, heal or help all of them with one approach. It is simply not true that there is one answer out there for everybody, but that is still what people keep hoping for when they buy into such promises.

What I have learned from this, is that I have to start re marketing my books with what people want to hear, until enough of them buy it and work out that this actually works, because it incorporates all the different personality needs instead of assuming that all people are identical, and then, hopefully start talking about it to others. It is either that or die…